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Below are some of the Products and Services I use as a Fitness / Bikini Model.

I use OCTANE Energy drink from ProSport Nutrition. I drink one first thing in the morning when I wake up. and another one mid afternoon 30 minutes prior to my work out.
On my days off from training, I drink one first thing in the morning and another on mid afternoon. Any questions about Octane feel free to email me.

I use Muscle Milk Light or Syntrex protein powder for my protein supplement when I don't have time to prepare a cooked meal.

I use Glutacor from Nutrishop which is a Glutamine supplement to add extra Glutamine to my diet.

I take Multi Vitamin from Nutrishop as well for my over all health.
ProSport Nutrition Octane Energy DrinkProSport Nutrition Octane Energy Drink
This is by far the best energy drink. It packs a punch without all the garbage other drinks have. The taste is amazing, non-chemical, and goes down smooth. It gives me incredible mental focus and energy at the gym! I am so lucky and so excited to be a part of the ProSport Nutrition team! This product kills so many birds with one stone with all the extra health benefits in a energy drink, I have never seen anything like it!
Innovative Directions In HealthInnovative Directions In Health
This is where I get all my skin care needs fullfilled. They treat me like family every time I go in and make me feel so comfortable, I am also featured on their monthly newsletter for hair tips.
New SponsorNew Sponsor
All the greatest hunting and Sporting goood needs!

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