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Jun 12, 2011Texas caviar
I was lucky enough to come across this healthy dip we call it a dukes mixture Texas Caviar! You can eat this plain or on your favorite chips we like ours with Lundberg Rice chips. Thank you Jessica for showing me this great recipe this was a huge hit for the 4th. We snacked on it all weekend yum yum enjoy.
Mar 30, 2011Supreme Protein Bars supplement reveiw
The Supreme Protein bar boasts a four-layer combination of nougat, peanuts, caramel and protein crisps. But this is no junk food it's a standout for protein content.
Mar 18, 2011Review on Status Magazine
This is a magazine I recommend to everyone you can hit two birds with one stone by reading this in every way! I love it, it helps motivate me for my intense workouts.
Mar 7, 2011Great ways to use Epsom salt
Detoxing, Muscle relaxation
Jan 29, 2011Post Pregnancy Belly Wrap Review
I love it when I'm feeling bloated that week you know what week I'm talking about and this sweat band just takes the added pressure off your tummy and it also trims and tones I wear it at night or working out and you sweat of inches.

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