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Oct 20, 2011Take Five! Easy Stir Fry.
Have it your way easy dinners
Aug 16, 2011Heathers Mini Healthy Apple Pies
Apple Pie is one of our go to comfort foods, especially around fall time.. Unfortunately they are loaded with sugar and fat! Try my healthy mini apple pies they are such a quick healthy easy dessert and you won't feel the guilt!
Jun 12, 2011Texas caviar
I was lucky enough to come across this healthy dip we call it a dukes mixture Texas Caviar! You can eat this plain or on your favorite chips we like ours with Lundberg Rice chips. Thank you Jessica for showing me this great recipe this was a huge hit for the 4th. We snacked on it all weekend yum yum enjoy.
May 6, 2011Tofu Shirataki Noodles Review
Don't be scared these noodles are great Low carb, low calorie and taste great!
Mar 23, 2011Octane orange julius
Do you ever crave something delicious and worried about the calories? Here is something that I love that not only is low in calories but will also give you all the energy you need to start the day! Do you love orange julius's try this yummy recipe..
Mar 18, 2011Review on Status Magazine
This is a magazine I recommend to everyone you can hit two birds with one stone by reading this in every way! I love it, it helps motivate me for my intense workouts.
Mar 17, 2011High Protein Pancakes
I had kicked pancakes to the curb, and then I fell in love with this one. These truly help with having those carb cravings. It tastes as good as a greasy-spoon pancake, but has the staying power of protein. Drizzled with a little real maple syrup and served with fruit, its perfect.
Feb 28, 2011Octane Energy and Sports Drink Citrus
OCTANE Energy Drink is, The Ultimate All-In-One Energy and Sports Drink Mix! OCTANE Energy Drink is a cutting edge nutritional beverage mix that was specially formulated to supply the entire body with key ingredients consisting of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, electrolytes, amino acids and neuro-active ingredients for the brain that all work synergistically together to provide the body with the nutrition necessary to empower both the "Mind and Body" to maximize mental and physical performance.
Feb 17, 2011Heather's Guiltless low calorie Brownies
Yummy Chocolate brownies, recipes,low calorie brownies.
Jan 29, 2011Blueberry protein pancake recipe
Blueberry protein Pancakes recipe

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