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Mar 31, 2011Hair porduct review Big hair big fun!
What a Tease, Back Comb In a Bottle
Mar 30, 2011Supreme Protein Bars supplement reveiw
The Supreme Protein bar boasts a four-layer combination of nougat, peanuts, caramel and protein crisps. But this is no junk food it's a standout for protein content.
Mar 23, 2011All natural coffee sugar scrub
I love what coffee does for my skin! Sometimes I mix my own coffee scrub soap with lots of shea and cocoa butter The coffee butter makes such a huge difference I add pure coconut milk on top, whip it around until it becomes a whipped soap, add the coffee butter then the grounds and blend. Not only does it lather up beautifully but the butter with the grounds really adds to the magic of what coffee does to my body and skin. Sometimes you can use coffee grounds with super concentrated as a major treatment for scars or stretch marks. It is great for facial skin as a toning scrub mask. Tightens and gives it a mini lift so when I apply makeup, my skin's as taut as a drum, yet never dry and my makeup stays on great all day! Very refining for my complexion, reducing puffiness for my whole face.
Mar 23, 2011Octane orange julius
Do you ever crave something delicious and worried about the calories? Here is something that I love that not only is low in calories but will also give you all the energy you need to start the day! Do you love orange julius's try this yummy recipe..
Mar 18, 2011Review on Status Magazine
This is a magazine I recommend to everyone you can hit two birds with one stone by reading this in every way! I love it, it helps motivate me for my intense workouts.
Mar 17, 2011High Protein Pancakes
I had kicked pancakes to the curb, and then I fell in love with this one. These truly help with having those carb cravings. It tastes as good as a greasy-spoon pancake, but has the staying power of protein. Drizzled with a little real maple syrup and served with fruit, its perfect.
Mar 9, 2011Heather's Cinnamon Sweet potato chip's
Yummy cinnamon crunchy chips
Mar 9, 2011Never Second Guess Yourself
Never ever let anyone tell you you can't achieve your dreams! If you believe you can always achieve. I wanna share this with all of you. I know sometimes it's hard when people do not believe in you, maybe tell you, you can't or laugh at you.. Prove them wrong! That should drive you.. Go for it reach for it and I promise it will come.
Mar 9, 2011Integrity
This is one of my favorite quotes! I love that it pushes people to live more free.. Don't judge and just be better people, I love to share these because sometimes you get side tracked and forgot what life is really about.
Mar 7, 2011Great ways to use Epsom salt
Detoxing, Muscle relaxation

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